Event: sound & music Norient Film festival, Bern Switzerland

Norient Film festival is a music film festival based in Bern, Switzerland, that explores the contemporary world through music and sound. This year on their 11th edition the festival will run January 12-16 2022 and will feature live performances from Sculpture, Mark Fell, Rian Treanor, Giant Swan, & more, alongside a selection of films that explore the contemporary world through music and sound. 

The team behind the festival research films that portray musicians, music, sound or noise as levers of current times, and which speak of the possibilities and challenges of the Now. The festival screens documentaries mainly, but also feature films, short movies, video art, and other experimental formats. The team shares that their goal is to nominate films that are getting close to people and phenomena.

Some of the films screened at the NFF have won remarkable awards or were nominated at major international A festivals, some have been produced very DIY and low budget, also with a special in films by filmmakers from outside of Europe and the US.

Among this year’s selection of films we can find The Sound of Metal by Darius Marder, Before the Dying of the Light by Ali Essafi, an archival film about the music and art scene in 1970’s Morocco. Desert Lights by Félix Blume, a film exploring the sounds of the Mexican desert.  And, A Symphony of Noise – a film about Matthew Herbert’s creative process.

The programme also includes a live performance by cellist and co-founder of the experimental art collective TQS Sandro Mussida that will present Solo Set for Cello and Electronics for Quadraphonic Audio and a performative lecture Future Shock: The Club as a Space to Cultivate Audio-Visual Practices, Curated and presented by Karolina Magnusson-Murray, where the filmmaker will reflect upon the development of the multidisciplinary art platform Futur.Shock at London’s FOLD Club that she directs.

A selection of the program of the 2022 festival edition will be available for streaming online from January 12–16.

Text by CLOT Magazine

Website https://nff-bern.ch/
(Image courtesy of the festival)

31 Dec 2021