Video premiere: ‘The Act of Listening’ by TQS and Future.Shock

TQS (Tutto Questo Sentire) is a London-Tuscany based collective founded in 2014, formed by experimental soprano singer Olivia Salvadori, composer & cellist Sandro Mussida and video-artist Rebecca Salvadori. The collective investigates the encounter between different artistic disciplines from contemporary music, visual and performative international scenes through a series of site-specific events and residencies on the nature of sound and its relationship with time perception, environment awareness, live-performance practices.

Cultural and social displacement has been a focus of interest since the collective’s foundation; something the three artists have been exploring and developing through their practice combining it with curation along these years.

The collective inaugurates its sixth year of activity with the launch of a new audiovisual work narrated by curator Elaine Tam and navigating through five years of site-specific events, residencies and interdisciplinary collaborations. The film will premiere on the 17 December 2020 in the context of an online residency offered by the not-for-profit multi-disciplinary arts platform Futur.Shock in collaboration with iconic London club FOLD.

This online residency marks the anniversary of the premiere of TQS opera piece The Act of Listening, a collaboration between TQS (Olivia Salvadori, Sandro Mussida, Rebecca Salvadori) and Curl Collective (Brother May, Coby Sey, Mica Levi), performed live at FOLD Club on the 12 December 19, some will remember a particularly heavy raining and gloomy night in London.
The opera was the last of a series of five site-specific events that happened across London during 2019 under the name of Exercises On Displacement, one of the freshest, exciting and most forward-thinking series of experimental music and performance events that happened in London last year.

The Act of Listening will be streamed on 17 December 2020 at 9pm from this link

Text by CLOT Magazine


15 Dec 2020