Event: Lapsus x Unsound 2019


One of our favourite festivals, Unsound, is expanding territories to one of our favourite cities, Barcelona. In this occasion they are partnering with Lapsus, a cultural platform and festival running since 2004 in the Mediterranean city. The team behind Lapsus have been reflecting upon the cultural changes happening in the last years, and they think this is the perfect time for the word “festival” to disappear from the vocabulary used in our future communications, as it has become a definition and format with which we no longer identify.


With this in mind, Lapsus 2019 will host three events dates – March, September and December  2019 – where they aim to provide superior quality-pervading sounds with multi-dimensional audiophile technology.

Lapsus x Unsound  will be the opening date on March 30. This first event will showcase the collaboration between the Krakow based international festival and Lapsus, with the support of The Polish  Cultural Institute. Together they will explore the current Polish scene’s most exciting exponents. experiencing them first hand. The program, designed by Unsound and Lapsus working closely together, will offer an in-depth look at Poland ’s integral place in today ’s leading-edge global electronic music scene. During Unsound’s different iterations and editions, we’ve been able to discover artists such as Zimpel/Ziolek, Miłosz Pękala, Zdzisław Piernik and HATI (Rafał Iwański & Rafał Kołacki).


Text by CLOT Magazine (Twitter @clotmagazine)



Website: www.lapsus.cat/
(All photos courtesy of Lapsus)



27 Jan 2019