ALBERT BARQUÉ & MARC MARZENIT, challenging the paradigms of creativity posed by zero gravity



The Zero Gravity Band is an immersive installation of light and sound 360º  that tries to induce sensations of zero gravity and an exhibition of prototypes and instruments designed to create arts and music in conditions of zero gravity and smart space suits. The project is produced by Fundació Quo Artis, a non-profit organization that seeks connections between art, science and technology through the joint work of professionals in these fields. Quo Artis aims to add value to society and culture by incentivising the creation of innovative interdisciplinary projects.

The Zero Gravity Band project aims to find answers to how would art and its perception change when we were not restricted to the physical and gravitational laws and create a dialogue on the subject between researchers in such varying disciplines as art, science, technology and philosophy. It was devised by the artist and researcher Dr Albert Barqué-Duran and musician, composer, sound engineer and music producer Marc Marzenit with the scientific participation of Albert Barqué-Duran himself and Dr Elisa R. Ferrè, director of the VeME Lab.


Dr Albert Barqué-Duran is a Postdoctoral Researcher in Cognitive Science at City, University of London, and a contemporary artist. His research focuses on new theoretical approaches to decision-making and cognitive systems.

Musician, composer, music producer and sound engineer Marc Marzenit acquired his first synthesiser at age 14 and a year later he created his first label, Paradigma Musik. Marc Marzenit’s approach to music consists of combining acoustic, analogue and digital instruments in the same show. A great example is his project Suite on the Clouds, a visual 3D show with 8 violinists, a harp, symphonic percussion, several synthesisers and a grand piano.

Dr Elisa R. Ferrè is Director of the Vestibular Multisensory Embodiment Lab and lecturer in Biological Psychology in the Department of Psychology at the Royal Holloway University (London). Her research focuses on how the brain calculates gravity, but also how gravity shapes human behaviour and how gravity influences the aesthetic experience.


We had the chance to experience The Zero Gravity Band and chat with Dr Albert Barqué-Durán and Marc Marzenit and this what they told us. Enjoy it as we did!

Text by CLOT Magazine (Twitter @clotmagazine)



This podcast was produced by Stephen Mclaughlin ( for CLOT Magazine.
(Images courtesy of Sonar)


13 Jul 2018