Performance: ZONE 005 at Halle Am Berghain


UY studio, a Berlin-based genderless fashion Label and art collective, are celebrating their 5th anniversary. They have teamed up with DJ and sound artist Dasha Rush to bring about ZONE 005, a collaborative contemporary ceremony, a spiritual and very intimate journey – connecting dance, costumes, sound design and live visuals.

Dasha Rush is behind the sound design, while her usual collaborator in her audiovisuals shows, Stanislav Glazov, is providing the visual component. UY (Idan Gilony and Fanny Lawaetz), who recently collaborated with Staatsballet in Berlin and the Deutsche Opera designing the costumes for a piece composed by Alva Noto and choreography by Richard Siegel, will take care of the costumes, while The Progressive Wave and the dancer Valentin Tszin are responsible for the choreography and ballet. This star team is premiering ZONE 005 at Halle Am Berghain in Berlin, on 5th July 2019, always a pleasure to see it open and enjoy its industrial dramatism.

It is silent. It is cold. Suddenly frequencies vibrate through space – gathering our souls and minds. A voice accompanies the slowly evolving sound and activates everyone present. The journey can begin.’

ZONE 005 takes its inspiration from an ancient Islamic dance practised ritualistically in circular movements as well as from the whirling dervish -a physically active meditation or worship ceremony, where specifically through dancing and whirling, a state of trance will be reached.

The performance will include 28 dancers in total who will visualize and transform this meditative dance into a contemporary art performance with a very puristic and minimal approach. Through the interaction of powerful ritualistic movements by the dancers, specific sound design, dominating architecture, thoughtful light installation and strong costume design, the viewer is being sucked into a state of mind, where high energy levels induce a spiritual experience of entering and taking part in a ceremony – leaving again with the outcome of feeling cleansed and hopeful towards the future.

We need warmth in times like these, our body and minds shall merge and transform us into a state of collective awareness where we feel close to one another. ‘

Text by CLOT Magazine (Twitter @clotmagazine)

(Media courtesy of UY ZONƎ)
21 Jun 2019