Opening: STATE Studio Berlin


On 27 October 2018, STATE opens its first participatory science and art gallery: STATE Studio Berlin, a new experimental, participatory and discursive gallery space in close vicinity to Berlin’s gallery mile Potsdamer Straße and directly opposite the Medienhaus of Berlin University of the Arts. STATE was founded in 2014 as an open science initiative where technology, research and innovation through artistic participation merged in two festivals and a pop-up studio in Los Angeles. With STATE Studio Berlin, STATE goes a step further and as curator Joahana Teresa Wallenborn tells the opening series exhibition Field Experiments “… is thematically open. With this permanent exhibition series we aim to venture an experiment on society by bringing tomorrow’s technologies into the here and now and invite our visitors to play, explore and critically reflect upon them. We would like to share this stance and intuition towards that future with you that so deeply moves and inspires us.”


Genome editing, synthetic biology intelligent machines or bioeconomy are some of the topics explored in the  Field Experiments series. These series will be completed with an open and free art program that includes from presentations and conferences to exhibitions and talks around science and technology and how these disciplines are inspiring the arts and stimulating new debates in society. The mixed media exhibition displays includes Emilia Tikka, Marco Donnarumma, and Veronika Natter in tandem with the artistic research project Farming the Uncanny Valley (Natsai Audrey Chieza , Clemens Winkler, Paul Ferragut, Ann-Kristin Abel, Łukasz Stopczynski, and Martin Luge) explores the future of bioeconomics in the context of social acceptance using experience prototypes.

Field Experiments Vernissage and STATE Studio Opening open on 27 October 2018 and the workshop program going on along the vernissage includes the installations Meandering River and Ways of Seeing, film screening (Ex Nihilo and Loathing) and Styroworm, a future food degustation and philosophical recitation by Petja Ivanova.



Text by CLOT Magazine (Twitter @clotmagazine)


(All photos courtesy of STATE Studio Berlin. Credit: Amuygdala, Marco Donnarumma)


20 Oct 2018