Open call: TdD #37 ‘Invisible Conflicts: The New Terrain of Bodies, Infrastructures and Information’

Installation designed and produced for the Llum BCN festival by a team of students of Elisava MEATS and the Degree in Design: Elise Chukri, Miquel Estany, Marta Esteban, Anna Gayete,  Tatiana Glock, Laia Gonzalez, Laura Gusart, Mariana Magalhaes, Aida Pastor, Amalia Puga, Elisabeth Pujol, Albert Sanz, Valentí Soler, Marta Velasco. Mentored by: Maria de la Càmara, Toni Montes,  Roger Paez, Gabriel Paré. Assembly: Kike Alvarez (LAVIUDA). Sponsors: Lledó (illumination) and Ariño-Duglass (glasses).

Temes de Disseny (Topics on Design, hereinafter TdD, in its Catalan acronym)  is an open-access scientific journal from the design research and design engineering research fields that in each annual issue addresses a specific current societal, environmental and economic challenge. TdD aims to bring together knowledge generated by experts from multiple disciplines, who study design from distinct points of view. 

The 34th issue of the journal was the first step towards transforming TdD in an open access, peer-reviewed, indexed journal that locals and foreign designers can use to share their knowledge at an international level.

For the upcoming issue, Temes de Disseny #37: Invisible Conflicts: The New Terrain of Bodies, Infrastructures and Information, TdD invites designers, critical technologists, and fringe researchers to offer insight on creative strategies of practical dissent, as well as casting light over the design of (and the resistance to) new infrastructures of information, labour and energy. 

They are also interested in research that outlines new approaches to the agency of non-human agents and how alternative design practices relate to a radically different vision of bodies and post-identities and welcomes the account of radical practices, comparative case study, practice-based reflections, visualisations and cartographies, and even exploratory work, from the whole spectrum of contemporary design, including when it leaves the beaten path and allies with activism, art, cultural studies, or biotech.  

Submit your proposal using this form. The deadline for the proposal submission is on November 17th 2020.

The issue will have Laura Benítez and Bani Brusadin as Guest Editors, and it will be published in Summer 2021.

Text by CLOT Magazine (Twitter @clotmagazine)

(Picture courtesy of ELISAVA. Credit: Alice. 2019.)

23 Oct 2020