Online exhibition: ‘Pieces of Me’, diving into the emerging global NFT marketplace

Eva Papamargariti
Liminal Beings (2019)
Liminal Being, Eva Papamargariti (2019)

TRANSFER gallery in partnership with – an artist-run gallery producing and selling downloadable objects – present Pieces of Me, an online exhibition posed as a response to the hype of the emerging global NFT marketplace. 

As TRANSFER director and founder of Silicon Valet Wade Wallerstein explain in the curatorial statement, The artists in Pieces of Me are known for their explorations of identity, being, and phenomenology in digitally-mediated realities. Together, these artists represent a critical survey of the past, present and future of ‘digital art’. In their works, avatars and identities are performed to explore our myriad modes of existence. These pieces serve as substrate for the thirsty, iterative cycles of technology. They question and subvert the exclusionary subtext of the softwares and systems that rule our day-to-day.

Pieces of Me is presented as a hopeful look towards a more thoughtful market beyond the one that arose too quickly and without care. The artworks minted for Pieces of Me are unique tokens of appreciation, meant to be held and cherished, not flipped. The buyer chooses to either mint the work and receive it as a token, or simply purchase with fiat and standard certificate of authenticity.

Some of the artists participating are aaajiao, LaTurbo Avedon, Zach Blas, Harm van den Dorpel, Carla Gannis,  Claudia Hart, Wednesday Kim, Lawrence Lek, Rosa Menkman, Eva Papamargariti, Pussykrew and Theo Triantafyllidis, among many others. 

Text by CLOT Magazine

(Picture courtesy of TRANSFER)

09 May 2021