Online exhibition: ‘Next Nature_Post Camouflage’ — Studio Frederik De Wilde

exhibition view, Frederik de Wilde

Artist Frederik De Wilde gravitates towards un/under-explored crossovers between art and science and, by extension, technology. For him, both art and science require creativity and imagination to question assumptions that everybody else has bought into. That is the hardest but also the most exciting part. He told CLOT Magazine in an interview two years ago. 

In his daily crossover praxis, he tends to blur the distinction between art and science. I think that in this liminal space or interstitial territory, the most exciting things can occur.  This is, of course, not limited to disciplines, methodologies, media or materialities; it dwells and stretches out to psychology, phenomenology, the possibility of metamorphosis and phantasmagories, after images and trace effects. He continued. 

One of his latest virtual exhibitions is Next Nature_Post Camouflage, an exhibition where he imagines a speculative scenario in which the artwork functions as a wake-up call and a starting point for adapting organisms in a Post-Natural Anthropocene world.

If humanity continues to flourish into the future, how will nature change? How might this genetic manipulation affect our own biology and evolutionary trajectory? Post Naturalism is a cultural process where organisms are bred to fancied to satisfy specific cultural purposes. The alteration of nature that happened in the past is just the beginning of an era. New genetic tools promise a change in our ability to manipulate organisms, as never seen before, not even in fiction. De Wilde explains in the exhibition’s statement. 

Text by CLOT Magazine

(Image courtesy of Frederik De Wilde)

02 May 2021