Online event: Music Futures & Simulacra: Exploring Without a Map by CO:QUO

CO:QUO (CO-CREATE STATUS-QUO) is a collective of multidisciplinary creatives collaborating internationally to address status-quos that negatively impact society through the intersection of art, music, science, and technology. CO:QUO encourages co-creation by facilitating discussions, workshops, and performances.

This June CO:QUO presents the virtual online event series Music Futures & Simulacra: Exploring Without a Map that imagines new futures for the music industry, using symbols (NFTs and avatars) and signs in place of reality to explore territory without a map.

On June 16 at 6 pm CET, the first workshop focuses on NFTs as a tool for musicians to exhibit, promote, and sell their work and the risks and implications that accompany the infrastructure. Panellists include journalist and researcher Cherie Hu, artist and sound designer Chloe Alexandra Thompson, artist and researcher Mat Dryhurst, Michail Stangl, musician VERITÉ,  musician Zola Jesus

On 23rd June at 6 pm CEST, the second one will focus on the legacy and presence of avatars in music and artist expression and the freedoms they can and continue to provide music communities. Panellists include artist Danielle Brathwaite-Shirley, musician Klypi, new media artist Stacie Ant,  and Brud co-founder and CEO Trevor McFedries

Music Futures & Simulacra: Exploring Without a Map will conclude with a Discord discussion room on June 30 at 6 pm CEST with New Models. In the discussion, participants will be encouraged to join discussions on the future of Web 3.0 and practical applications of emerging technologies.

Entry to the workshops and Discord server is free and open to all; advanced registration for the Zoom sessions can be found on CO:QUO website. 

Text by CLOT Magazine

(Picture courtesy of CO:QUO)

14 Jun 2021