Festival: Dronica #10, St Matthias church East London



Dronica festival, the experimental sound-art festival founded in 2016 by event curator Nicola Serra, is celebrating its 3rd-year anniversary. This year the festival arrives with some changes. A new bigger venue is the main of these changes. Still, true to their tradition, the venue is another a church, St Matthias church near Newington Green in Northeast London.


A new venue bigger in size it also brings new potentials and challenges. Therefore the Dronica team have decided they are going to host only one big event at the church every year and start working on collaborations and side projects through the year in different locations. On the other hand, they want to nurture these collaborations also with co-releases and a possible label launch soon too, Nicola shared with us.

Nicola’s vision for this new edition and era stays similar as it’s been originally To create a platform for experimental sound-art with its own identity and aesthetic. Super eclectic but still with a clear vision, when artists can present their work with total freedom and audience can experience something unique, citing his words.

The festival will take place between 9-11 May 2019; 3 days of drone, experimental electronica and noise music for which Dronica has acquired their reputation. The festival will host live music performances, audiovisuals, indoor sound/art installations, workshops, labels showcases over the three days.

Some of the artists that you can expect to see are a mix of renowned artists such as writer and musician David Toop, Phil Durrant Phil and Rupert Clervaux and upcoming talent like Ayankoko from the Chinabot Collective, LI YILEY, Rkss, Domiziano Maselli and others.

The installations will bring the work of artists giving a visual context to the sound into the performative space: from an intervention of part of the church to the dynamic live visuals for the different performances provided by the collective Warehouse Animals and other video projections and screenings.


Text by CLOT Magazine (Twitter @clotmagazine)

Website: www.dronicafestival.com
02 May 2019