Exhibition: Plastic Sounds of Dark Matter at Goldsmiths Centre of Contemporary Arts

This summer Goldsmiths Centre of Contemporary Arts features several new projects for Episodes – an ongoing series of solo shows that run alongside and starkly contrast the main exhibitions. Ranging across a variety of media and events, the purpose of Episodes is to create a platform for new artistic practices by allowing emerging creatives to experiment, innovate, and have their voices heard. The 2019 programme includes Adam Christensen’s I’m Not Done With You Yet exploring New York’s Disco culture of the seventies, Roland Carline’s project consisting of a film and a series of performances, and Corey Hayman’s Plastic Sounds of Dark Matter

Corey Hayman, Goldsmiths University alumnus, is a London-based interdisciplinary artist whose practice focuses on the exploration of ethnic and societal identities. Working in a variety of media from film and photography to sculpture, drawing, and documentation, Hayman draws on personal experiences with issues of ethnicity, sex, and class and their role in current social, political, and economic climate. Her work aims to form bonds between diverse materials to investigate afro-pessimism, the ‘hauntology of blackness’, and the ideas of progress and capitalism. 

Hayman’s installation Plastic Sounds of Dark Matter consists of various audio systems carefully placed around the space in order to examine the infrastructure of sound. She reflects on the aestheticization of politics and opposition and tackles the tension between ethnicity and capitalism through the responses of a kid’s TV character Rastamouse. Hayman’s recurring theme, she views Rastamouse as a black character, a talking commodity entangled in the web of racial representation, consumerism, and entertainment. Hayman explores the reasons for Rastamouse’s existence by considering the past and the systems that have throughout history shaped blackness. 

Plastic Sounds of Dark Matter runs between July 17th and August 11th, 2019 at Goldsmiths CCA, London.

Text by CLOT Magazine (Twitter @clotmagazine)

Website: www.goldsmithscca.art/exhibition/corey-hayman/
(Picture courtesy of the artist)
03 Aug 2019