Exhibition: ‘life.formed: Shapes of non-human ecologies’ at TENSION Gallery

Becky Lyon is a London-based artist examining how humans are impacting the development of life on earth through the intentional and unintentional blending of biology and technology. Her research centres around investigating the future of life in the technobiocology which Lyon is exploring through multiple, self-directed research platforms: A spectrum of liveliness – origins, definitions of ‘life’ and scales of animacy and inanimate; Entangled Ecologies – borders and entanglements between geologic, biologic, technologic matters; Resistant Materials – nature’s resilience and ability to evolve with/against its’ environmental conditions; Soft Tissue’– new types of symbiosis between the bio and the bio-techno, animate and inanimate. 

I’m fascinated by the ‘spiritedness’ of the digital and the electric. Our world is overlaid with techno-animism from mesmerising, evolving, generative imagery to motion coded into matter and programmed graphics conveying a ‘liveliness’. Lyon says. 

Here at CLOT Magazine, we have already supported previous exhibitions curated by Becky Lyon like Entangled Matter and Through the Looking Glass. Now, as the year 2019 comes to an end we are presenting life.formed: Shapes of non-human ecologies, the second edition of Fieldnotes from a Technobiocology – ecologies evolve in which artists Saroj Patel and Becky Lyon present hopeful visions of alternative ecologies.

Saroj Patel presents an iteration of Taraxa, Artemesia and Apolysis asking the viewer to reimagine our relationship with nature in our urban environments by thrusting a community of unseen organisms into full view via abundant bursts of colour and form, requesting active participation. While Becky Lyon presents an iteration of Fieldnotes from a Technobiocology, a suite of organisms that have evolved from the enmeshing biology and technology, artefacts of humanity, situated in an imagined, undated ‘future’.  

life.formed: Shapes of non-human ecologies is on view until January 5, 2020, at TENSION fine Art in London.  

Text by CLOT Magazine (Twitter @clotmagazine)

Website https://www.tensionfineart.co.uk/current-exhibition/
(Pictures courtesy of Becky Lyon)
26 Dec 2019