Exhibition: ‘Hotel Blue’ by Vellum LA x Marcel.Art Community at SVStudios in LA

Harriet Davey

Vellum LA is Los Angeles’ premier NFT gallery for digital art. Their goal is to situate the digital and crypto art communities within art history and educate the public on the potential of NFTs to impact the future of art. They have joined forces with Marce.Art community to present Hotel Blue, an NFT group exhibition on Tezos, curated by Alice Scope

Hotel Blue explores the concept of home and community for the future “us,”––the virtual beings of tomorrow. The exhibition features works by eight women, non-binary, and queer artists from six countries worldwide whose works elaborate on how the body is used to give material form to an idea that has no shape and space elsewhere in society.  As we become more immersed and dependent on rapidly evolving technology, it becomes increasingly difficult to discern the boundaries between humans and machines. 

Post-human bodies are never at home. They live in common spaces online and these spaces, often temporary and fleeting, resemble hotels. We have a multitude of individualised personas. Can this group live as a community? 

Artists participating that will respond to these questions are Stacie Ant, Vitória Cribb, Crosslucid, Harriet Davey, Huntrezz, Keiken, Wednesday Kim and Paola Pinna. 

Hotel Blue runs from April 29 to May 15. 

Text by CLOT Magazine

Website https://www.vellumla.com/hotel-blue-exhibition
(Image courtesy of Vellum LA)

28 Apr 2022