Exhibition: ‘Claude Heiland-Allen’ at Chalton Gallery London

Claude Heiland-Allen exhibition consists of diverse works such as digital prints, Pure-data sound works, and different audio-visual, multimedia, and interactive installations. The artist works using free software and develops his own programs to create beautiful fractals, digital creations and new media environments. Claude’s works show the relationship between technology and creativity using digital media which challenges conservative positions in contemporary art because of the technological potential for social change that new media and digital art have.

Claude’s exhibition also encourages a «physiological» artistic renewal through programmed art, computer art, and digital art. The digital works that the artist has created induce to interactivity, being his artworks and experimentation based on mathematical calculations, the influence of science and the use of coding. Through interactivity, which affects the creative processes, the code becomes able to receive an input, performs calculations, and returns an output: the code becomes practicable and accessible.

Within different interactive multimedia forms, audiences will experiment about code and interactivity. Moreover, this new paradigm of simulation allows the perception of the space as a mediated code through the projection of graphics, replacing the traditional paradigm of static and passive representation. Interactive installations generate improvised performances by the visitors acting following the aesthetics of code and configuring its experience. Within the exhibition, the audiences will gain an aesthetic experience by combining elements of computer science, performance art, music, technology, fractals, maths, and software programming.

More info: At Chalton Gallery. Opening Thursday 11 April 2019, 6 pm. Concert Thursday 18 April 2019, 7 pm. The exhibition opens on 12-27 April 2019.


Text by CLOT Magazine (Twitter @clotmagazine)

Website www.sonicelectronicsfestival.org/exhibition
(Photo courtesy of Sonic Electronic Festival)


15 Mar 2019