Exhibition: ‘Cadavre exquis’ at Phi Centre

To the Moon, Laurie Anderson and Taiwan artist Hsin-Chien Huang

Phi is a multidisciplinary arts and culture organisation based in Montreal, Canada working at the intersection of art, film, music, design and technology. Phi was created by Director and Founder Phoebe Greenberg and through eclectic programming, they foster (un)expected encounters between artists and audiences. Their last exhibition of the year is Cadavre exquis, an experience that replaces the sheet of paper with the infinite space of virtual reality.

On view until January 19, 2020, Cadavre exquis brings together artists who have chosen the medium of virtual reality as a new means of expression, like Marina Abramović, Olafur Eliasson, Antony Gormley, Paul McCarthy and Laurie Anderson. Cadavre exquis invites viewers, through technology, to enter the creative world of each artist under the premise of the collective artistic game of the same name that was invented by the Surrealists—often resulting in poetic and whimsical compositions that are driven by the unconscious. 

The programme includes Laurie Anderson’s trilogy in collaboration with Taiwan artist Hsin-Chien Huang To the Moon, Chalkroom, and Aloft; Marina Abramović’s first virtual reality Rising in which the artist raises awareness of climate change by leading us to observe and “live” the irreversible effects of rising sea levels; Olafur Eliasson’s Rainbow, an ephemeral rainbow produced by digital means; and Antony Gormley and Priyamvada Natarajan’s Lunatick, in which they use data collected by NASA to map a real and interactive journey. 

Text by CLOT Magazine (Twitter @clotmagazine)

Website https://phi-centre.com/en/event/cadavreexquis-en/
(Picture courtesy of Phi Centre)

11 Nov 2019