RAFAEL GÓMEZBARROS, understanding the society in which we live

(La Especialidad de la Casa)

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(La Especialidad de la Casa)


My first exposure to Rafael Gómezbarros’s work (Colombia, 1972) was at Saatchi Gallery’s show ‘Pangaea: New Art From Africa and Latin America’. He was showcasing his stunning installation Casa Tomada. A very large installation of hundreds of sculptures representing ants that are made up by the assembling of two fibre glass casts of human skulls. Art and visual culture are tools for analysing and understanding the society in which we live. With these thought-provoking pieces of art Rafael Gómezbarros is talking to the viewer about death, violence, immigration and social behaviours as consumerism. By blending individual and social identity with art Gómezbarros denounces the political situation in Colombia and promotes critical thinking on society.

The central axis of his installation La Especialidad de la Casa* is the rhetoric of consumption. A huge installation sculpture project in which hundreds of spoons represent the ephemeral and solitude act of consumption compulsive. A paradoxal act which contains a desire of self-satisfaction and pleasure but provides a fade happiness and emptiness.


*Rafael Gómezbarros is showcasing his project La Especialidad de la Casa from 12 till 15 June 2014 in Pinta London, an art event dedicated to Latin American Art which also includes artist from Spain and Portugal.


Words by Lula Criado (Twitter @Lula_ClotMag)



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(Casa Tomada)

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(Casa Tomada)

(Casa Tomada)


What do you most like and dislike about the period we live in?

Me gusta la tecnología porque rompe con las fronteras mentales. Me disgusta la indiferencia hacia el dolor ajeno y la lentitud de la justicia.

(I like the technology because it breaks with the mental borders. I don’t like the indifference to the pain of others and such a slow justice)


What is your chief enemy of creativity?

El ocio y el ego.

(Ego and leisure)


If you would have to give up one of your five senses, which one would it be and why?

La lengua!, perdería el gusto pero sería más contemplativo, no respondería a tantas preguntas, sería más visual, más introvertido mas analítico.

(The tongue. I’d lose the sense of taste but I’d be more contemplative. I wouldn’t answer so many questions, I’d be more visual, more introvert and more analytical)


What is the worst piece of advice you have been given?

Por ahí no es!

(To do just the opposite)

Do you consider yourself an introvert or extrovert?




One for the ride… Who or what was the last person, place or thing that fascinated you?

El nacimiento de mis hijos Sara y Samuel.

(The birth of my children Sarah and Samuel)


Webiste Rafael Gómezbarros www.gomezbarros.com
Website Rain Hart Gallery www.rainhart.net
(Photos 1 and 2 are courtesy of the artist and Rain Hart Gallery. Photos 3, 4 and 5 were taken by me at Saatchi Gallery.  I’d like to say thank you to Rain Hart Gallery and specially to Andrea for her help)
10 Jun 2014