BARBARA CARTIER, understanding animal behaviour

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Bárbara Cartier graduated from the IUNA (Instituto Universitario Nacional del Arte) in Visual Arts and since then, she has been refining her aesthetic. The power, sensitivity and creativity of her work and how she links human and animal behaviour through it caught our attention. Her impressive imagination helps her audience to understand the relationship between humans, objects and animals.

Behaviour and domestication are the starting points of her work. She explores on one hand how human beings behave both as individuals and collectively, and how they can be domesticated in the way they feel, act or think. On the other hand, she investigates how animals can be domesticated through human links.



Words by Lula Criado (Twitter @Lula_ClotMag)





What do you see as the ultimate discovery in the human history?

The ultimate discovery in the human history…well this is happening constantly. I most believe in science as a great power of human discovery.

Technology as well, but I think this is a result of science.


Do you find creativity where there was once insanity?

It is impossible to deny that insane minds had demonstrated  to be big genius, therefore the line between intelligence and insanity is too thin. Creativity has to do with that line, which means to be able to see different realities, solving the problematic of a continuous search to explore and comprehend our existence.


If you would have to give up one of your five senses, which one would it be?

I would give up the sense of speech because I could still communicate  through the other senses. I made this question to myself many times, and even the idea of loosing the chance to see the world around me, the colours, the power of nature, scares me to death. Neither  give up listening to music nor touch, these are vital in my life  and  the way I a inspired. My memories are always linked to light and colours, sounds, scents, places…I barely recall the peoples’s voice.


Empathy and apathy… Would you be able to work with someone like yourself?

Apathy! If I had to work with another partner it should complement my own weaknesses.


How do you cope with creative desperation?

It feels like the weight and shadow of a massive stone oppressing me but is definitely part of the creative process.It has to do with the way you develop your ideas and turn them into a piece.The necessity of approaching your own ideas somehow like a critical moment that follows to satisfaction and so on.This is how I see the process in the creative work.


And one for the ride, when do you decide that enough is enough?

I just know when it is enough!It is hard to explain this, but in certain way, while working I follow the flow of what goes on in the piece, and I deal with the things that come up on the way. I am more open to new things arising during the process rather than sticking to a fixed plan. There is always a quest, and this is my reason to reorganise the plastic elements in the new space.



(All photos courtesy the artist and video by Dominique Heslop)


21 Nov 2013