BAPTISTE DEBOMBOURG, blending materials and philosophical concepts




French contemporary artist Baptiste Debombourg blends materials, objects and philosophical concepts to create poetic and thought-provoking pieces of art. Through his work, he denounces, for example, how mass production and consumption have become models of behaviour in industrialised societies. The binomial destruction-construction is inherent to human nature. However, looking through Debombourg’s eyes the boundaries between elements, space, construction and destruction are buried.

Two sculpture installations have caught my attention: Flow and Stalker – a collaboration with visionary Martin Margiela during Art Basel Miami 2013. Flow is a cathartic masterpiece in which Baptiste Debombourg uses hundreds of windscreens to create a tide that floods the space much like a tsunami. It is a metaphor of the binomial destruction-construction, a piece of art that explains how capitalism and consumerism have invaded and destroyed society and killed human beings.

On the other hand; Stalker is a commercial work, a collaboration with Martin Margiela that does not lose the essence of the work of Debombourg. It was made to celebrate the new jewellery collection Crystalactite and consists of cascaded laminated glass covering furniture and garments at MMM boutique in Miami.



Words by Lula Criado (Twitter @Lula_ClotMag)



volte face



What is more important: to take or not to take yourself too seriously in order to be creative?

It’s a balance. For sure we need to be concentrated if we would like the best result… to be serious of course  I’m always very serious for a joke or a drama… in my point of view, the question if to be creative is to to be able to overcome his ego.


What’s your favourite time of the day?

Exactly the moment when I’m starting to sleep when I’m in bed.


Solitude or loneliness, how do you spend your time alone?

Most of time I  use my time to learn, to discover new cultures, new universes, and to meet new people, actor of the new culture. I’m every time fascinated to find new ways of expression and new people passionated. By the way, I use frequently the term of loneliness of the artist. It happens when you are alone in your shit situation of preparation of the show, specially when nobody can help you, technically… and of course the idea… sometimes it’s difficult because everything is inside you, nobody can help you  and your decision is very important.

Then I use the term of loneliness of the artist… It happens when you are alone in your shit.


Have you found beauty in unexpected places/situations?

I discover everyday new beauty, in my point of view it’s not a question of place specially but a way to observe, analyse and understand things, their difference. Potential of beauty is everywhere, it’s depends on you to materialise it.


What do you want to achieve before you die?

One of my dream will be to open as Vito Acconci my personal architecture studio… and to start to play !


One for the road… What are you unafraid of?

I’m scared by racism.



(All photos courtesy the artist. Photo 1, Stalker; photo 2, Flow; photo 3, Volte face; photo4, Apollo; photo 5, Inception)


02 May 2014