Performance: UR – Human Presence at Sensorium Aures


UR Human Presence is a performance taking place at four different times with limited capacity on the 21st October. The event tries to capture what defines our ability to be present in space and time. ‘The performance is taking place right now, as you are reading this. UR simply attempts to bring awareness to the art of everyday living.’

These are words by Christian Duka, the sound artist and the curator of the upcoming event at Aures London in Waterloo, the UK’s first fully immersive entertainment venue with cutting-edge acoustics and 3D audio-visual projections.

Drawing from osteopath Sundip Aujla’s knowledge, Christian Duka with sound artist Jose Macabra design a 3D sound score, while Rebecca Evans choreographs a group of dancers from her contemporary dance company Pell Ensemble. To all that artist Elissavet Sfyri responds, performing around the edges of the space with her voice amplified and her inner organs pre-recorded. Marco Maldarella curates the visuals, which cap this immersive somatic scene to make this a truly unforgettable experience for the engaged audience.


The participating viewers will witness the whole situation inside the system of these intertwined improvised art forms. Positioning the viewer in the center of this happening and in close distance to the others is exactly what makes her or him aware of their presence while providing energy for the improvising artists. Each improvised element of the performance relies on the other to create an image of interrelated structures, a metaphor of the human body. By embodying the sonic, the visual and moving matter, the audience will be given a chance to imagine the inner workings of their body as it lives.

UR Human Presence invites everyone, willing to understand what it means to be a body and what it means to be now and here, to join this complex unpredictable event of interlaced artistic responses that will make one value human presence in such a mind-blowing way.

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Text by CLOT Magazine (Twitter @clotmagazine)


(Photo courtesy of the artist)
29 Sep 2018