Conference: e-cuerpo in Mexico City

E-cuerpo is an international encounter of makers and theorists focusing on Wearable Art & Technology. Structured as an unprecedented cultural proposal in Mexico City, it links together art, fashion and wearable technology in addition to promoting innovation and exploration of new technological paradigms. The whole project is spread through conferences, workshops, fashion-tech performances, a wearables development marathon wear + D and the FuturXble exhibition. The conference therefore acts as an encounter point where creators, developers, tech-fashionistas, creative technologists and enthusiasts can meet and share projects that are revolutionising the concept of art and design as well as introducing new materials but still keeping a critical and technologically empathic focus.

In its previous editions, E-cuerpo has approached themes of multiple realities, effects and possible futures within the sector of wearable technology and fashion-tech. Key areas when looking at those ever-expanding areas included concepts that are currently reshaping our relationship with the mundane, such as intimacy, privacy, identity, security, the understanding of the body in hyperconnectivity and the tendency to digitise the space around it by means of body hacking and the introducing the cyborg culture. Some of the conference speakers and exhibitors of the E-Cuerpo 2nd edition included the cyborg activist Neil Harbisson and new media performance artist Tiffany Trenda to name a few.  


This year E-cuerpo 3rd edition launching on the 10th October at the Centro Cultural de España en Mexico will feature a group multidisciplinary creatives. They will reflect and unpack the aesthetics of privacy, the bioethics of design, empathic design, human adaptation to the environment, tech camouflage and tech empowerment of the body. The aim of the conference and the in-depth presentations of the creative practitioners is to engage the general public in a wider debate throughout a variety of different mediums. The conference will feature and promote the work and knowledge of creatives such as the interdisciplinary critical and speculative designer Tina Gorjanc , artist and researcher Maria Castellanos, the digital fabrication designer Anastasia Pistofidou, artist and technologist Sara Lana and the wearable-tech designer María José Ríos among others.    


Text by CLOT Magazine (Twitter @clotmagazine)



(Photo credit Phylogenetic Atelier, courtesy of Tina Gorjanc)


10 Oct 2018