SUSANA SOARES, a creative interpretation of scientific research

05 detail insect eggs obj copia

04 insect eggs obj copia

Susana Soares —Portuguese-born, English-based artist— employs design to promote and provoke critical thinking about the implications and ethical consequences of scientific research in our lives. Soares uses design as a tool to not only create things but ideas. She draws future scenarios offering a creative interpretation of scientific research to society through her creative work.

Bee’s is a project developed between 2007-2009 in which Susana Soares reflects about the development of alternative diagnostic tools. Bees are used to diagnose a vast variety of diseases through their acute sense of smell. Currently, Susana Soares is working on her project Insects au Gratin. This project is focused on the future of food and how the world’s food problems can be solved by combining entomophagy with 3D food printing technologies.

Words by Lula Criado

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What is more important: to take or not to take yourself too seriously in order to be creative?

Both, in the right amount. Having a laugh can be therapeutic and cathartic. Each person has his own creative method. Taking yourself too seriously can be very distressing.

What’s your favourite time of the day?

I thought to be more productive in the evenings but we can adapt to uncountable situations. Flexibility is key to augment our day.

Solitude or loneliness, how do you spend your time alone?

Solitude. With all the electronic apparatus and media trying to get our attention privacy is getting scarcer and precious. We definitely need more offline time.

Have you found beauty in unexpected places/situations?

Certainly. I find some scientific and technologic research fascinating. We call ourselves humans but our body houses 10 times more bacteria than human cells. Since the acknowledgment of neuroplasticity, many studies have shown that the Internet is profoundly altering our brains and we are now able to create synthetic life.

What do you want to achieve before you die?

I don’t have a list of achievements because what happens if I achieve them earlier? There are many things that I might find interesting that I still don’t know about.

One for the road… What are you unafraid of?

“And don’t worry about losing. If it is right, it happens — The main thing is not to hurry. Nothing good gets away.” (John Steinbeck)


(Images courtesy of the artist)

27 Jan 2014