Exhibition: ‘Plastic_ity’ by Saša Spačal at STEKLENIK


Saša Spačal is a Postmedia artist living and working in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Her current research encompasses living systems, media art, sound art and real-time interactive visualisation in a posthuman period. One of her current exhibitions is Plastic_ity, a project made in collaboration with Jan Turk, responsible for sound and Dr Mirjan Švagelj, PhD in biomedicine.

Plastic_ity is a sound installation that speaks about the porosity of soil and its inhabitants and focuses on the problematics of microplastic particles in the soil. As Saša explains, the installation is about to try “to give voice to the micro-fauna of our ground to be able to tell us how human activity penetrates deep underground layers as well.” In the current era of the Anthropocene in which microplastic is part of the trophic chain and as scientists say we are facing the sixth great extinction of animal species, we like the idea of giving a voice to the planet Earth to point out what the human impact is doing in our natural environment.


Apart from the exhibition at the STEKLENIK gallery, Saša Spačal and Jan Turk performed sounds and textures featured from eight-channel sound composition last December 11th, 2018. Plastic_ity on view until January 26th at STEKLENIK, a gallery for sound, bioacoustics and art in Ljubljana.



Text by CLOT Magazine (Twitter @clotmagazine)


Website www.steklenik.si/en/sasa-spacal-plastic_ity/
(All photos courtesy of the artist and the gallery)


16 Jan 2019