Event: ‘Entangled Matter’ by ELASTIC NATURE at The Crypt Gallery London


ELASTIC NATURE is an art research club bringing together interdisciplinary researchers, practitioners and thinkers around the broad subject of ‘the future of nature’ via artificial life, sympathetic synthetics, sensory realities, materiality and speculative bodies.

Founded by artist and researcher Becky Lyon through interactive workshops, seminars, breakfast salons and screenings ELASTIC NATURE stimulate conversation around the changing shape of nature. New forms of nature, artificial versus wildlife,  how sensory mediation play a role in the understanding of nature and our perceived ‘reality’ of it or synthetic nature versus wild nature are some of the themes around which Becky Lyon articulates the conversation involving ELASTIC NATURE.

For its fourth session, they will be discussing the topic the interconnectedness of matter and hosting an exploratory discussion group as part of the programme of the Falling Stars / Stelle Cadenti exhibition curated by LUMEN. The conversation may include some of the next topics: Jane Bennet’s seminal Vibrant Matter, what are the consequences of perceiving certain materials (such as a landfill) as dead? And how would that perception change if we perceived them as lively? How else have we privileged particular types of matter? What evidence or arguments exist, either scientifically or philosophical of the ability for the non-living matter to ‘self-organise’? How is the search for extraterrestrial life impacting our perception of life on Earth? And can technology be considered nature?


This fourth event titled Entangled Matter is taking place this Saturday 26 at The Crypt Gallery in Euston (London) from 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm.


Text by CLOT Magazine (Twitter @clotmagazine)



Website https://www.elasticfiction.co/elastic-nature/
(All photos courtesy of Elastic Nature)


24 Jan 2019