The Team

Lula Criado

Editor-in-Chief, Curator & Lecturer

Meritxell Rosell, Ph.D

Head Editor, Curator & Lecturer

W. Sebastian Kamau

Sub-editor & Contributing Writer

Carolina Davila

Business Development Assistant


Ana Sancho, Ph.D

Patricia Bondesson


What we do

CLOT Magazine is an online publishing and curational platform dedicated to art and science explorations. We aim to collect, display, broadcast and promote the crossover of Art, Science and Technology.

At CLOT Magazine we feature this exciting and transgressive art movement by studying the creators and their lines of work, seeking trends in the disciplines we are focused on and publishing compelling conversations with talented and inspiring innovators.

CLOT Magazine is divided into five sections: Interviews, (established artists, thinkers, curators and emerging artists in the latest trends), Opinion & Editorial (thinkers and contributors sharing their thought-provoking ideas), Series (a place where we share what is happening around related to CLOT Magazine media partners), Audio & Visual (short films on visual and digital culture and the PodCLOTs series) and News (a place where we share what is happening around).






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