Online workshop: ‘Awne’ by Lars ‘TCF’ Holdhus, biomimicry meets sound & art’ at CAMP

Awne still image, TCF (2020)

CAMP is a residential arts and music school in the French Pyrenees that host masterclasses with the world’s most acclaimed composers and performers. Gavin Bryars, Tai Shani, Chris Watson, Kode9, to name a few, have been hosting workshops in the past.  The main idea behind the project is to support emerging composers and performers, and provide a catalytic boost to their work.

The pandemic forced CAMP to move its program online. Now CAMP’s temporary transition to digital has bloomed into an entirely digital program for 2021, running alongside its onsite events. Coming up on March 28 CAMP presents Awne a five-day online workshop led by artist and musician Lars ‘TCF’ Holdhus. The Norwegian born artist and musician deals with language, codes, signs and signifiers. Influenced by genetic code, cryptography and complex systems of encryption.

Awne is an approach to art-making where natural farming, agroforestry, Buddhism, cosmocentric farming, biocultural systems, forest gardening and biomimicry meets sound and art. By looking at different ways of positioning yourself as nature (instead of in nature) you can take a different approach to your own practice. By using and exploring this approach to your practice it might increase your awareness of different processes that occur around us, the complexity of these processes, the sustainability of your practice and your place as nature. TCF presented the project during the online version of Unsound festival in October last year. A generative audiovisual trip where mushrooms, flying seeds and swarmy robotic and replicating digital structures are entangled with human existence.

The workshop will consist of introducing this system, applying it to your own practice (music/art/can also be applied to other fields), and lowering your impact on the environment while being active in your field. The participants will attempt to create a piece of sound/art/text/anything based on this approach during the workshop.

There’s still a few places left to participate in the workshop. Register here.

Text by CLOT Magazine

(Image courtesy of the artist)

27 Mar 2021