New column: ‘In principle, yes…’ will explore and exploit technology for social justice

Next week we’ll be starting a monthly column dedicated to speculative political interventions. Contributor Yunus will bring a series of short texts aiming to spark thoughts and reflections from our readers in topics at the intersection of technology and social politics.

In Principle, yes…, will be intrinsically linked to social justice, climate justice and gender equality; driven by the principles of fundamental rights and highly topical issues. It is a written toolbox for activists, an impetus for politicians lacking imagination and a silver lining for the daily reader of dreadful news. Sometimes, his articles will be utopian, satirical and tech-savvy, other times realistic, probing and experimental. Their common theme, though, will remain: Addressing pertinent problems with new solutions.

In the first article, Yunus will respond to President Trump’s claim that one can sell his signature for $10,000 on ebay. A statement the latter uttered while visiting Lake Charles, Louisiana, in the midst of hurricane Laura – and spending his time handing out useless autographs. Surprisingly, even in this egocentric stupidity, one can find an opportunity to support those who are really in need, namely those people affected by the hurricane. In Principle, yes… will show us how.

Stay tuned.

Text by CLOT Magazine (Twitter @clotmagazine)

*Yunus is an author, artist and activist. He also calls himself the inventor of Peopleless Protests, a tool that enables safe democratic participation during Covid-19 lockdown measures. The concept spread around Europe made it to Australia and the Washington Post.

06 Sep 2020