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Harm Van Den Dorpel

Posted by CLOT Magazine in Computing Art, Digital Culture, Key Artists

  Words by CLOT Magazine   Harm van den Dorpel is a Berlin-based Dutch conceptual artist regarded a key figure in the post-internet art movement. Alongside with other contemporaries, they developed a new way of exploring technology, digital footprints, and social networks.   Harm was at…

Robert Lippok and Lillevan “Gletschermusik”

Posted by CLOT Magazine in Sound Art

  Words by CLOT Magazine   CLOT Magazine got the chance to talk to musician Robert Lippok and video artist and live performer Lillevan during 2016 edition of Unsound Festival: Dislocation (Kraków, Poland) where they were presenting Gletschermusik together with musician Askat Jetigen from Kirzystan. Robert…

Kristen Gallerneaux

Posted by CLOT Magazine in Computing Art, Curators, Sound Art, Thinkers

Words by CLOT Magazine   Media historian and artist Kristen Gallerneaux is the Curator of Communications and Information Technology at The Henry Ford Museum (Detroit, USA), where she takes care of things like computers, and also things like radios, televisions, things that have tubes and…

Johannes Klabbers

Posted by CLOT Magazine in Key Artists, Thinkers

  Words by the editorial team   Johannes Klabbers is an Australian writer and posthumanist therapist living and working in The Netherlands. This year, he served as the ‘resident therapist’ at Unsound Krákow Festival 2016 (Poland), which, to our knowledge, is world-first for a festival….