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Kuai Shen

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  Words by Ana Sancho   Humans have always been fascinated with ants and their social behaviour. These creatures have commonly been the focus of science fiction movies and comics, striking at that great human fear – the possibility of being dominated. The level of…

Saša Spačal

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Words by Ana Sancho   Living in the era of digital technology and art revolutions is leading to the appearance of new forms of dialogue that re-explore our relationship with media and artistic expression. Slovenian-born artist Saša Spačal describes herself as a post-media artist, seeing her…

Pinar Yoldas

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Words by Ana Sancho   Pinar Yoldas is one of those artists that makes you question the future and what it might entail. Her work draws on her cross-disciplinary career, which is no less impressive than her academic background, is a campaign to bring change…

Drew Berry

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Words by Ana Sancho Molecular and cell biology are disciplines that seek to understand biological processes at molecular and cellular levels. When it comes to explaining these mechanisms, however, researchers find it difficult to show what happens in living cells on such a minuscule scale….

Oron Catts

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  Words by Meritxell Rosell (Twitter @dancingmoog)   Reflections into materiality of life, the core of existence itself, has been the creative motor of Oron Catts* (along with his partner and main collaborator Ionat Zurr). The artist, curator and visiting professor at the Royal College…

Helen Pynor

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  Words by Cathrine Disney (Twitter @CathrineDisney)   Visual artist Helen Pynor holds a Bachelor of Science, a Bachelor of Arts and practice based PhD resulting in truly cross-disciplinary collaborative practice. Pynor works in a variety of media, from sculpture, installation, performance and new media…

Immy Smith

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  Words by Lula Criado (Twitter @lula_clotmag)   Dr. Immy Smith is a polymath – an artist, scientist, and data analyst who explores human and scientific narratives using both art and science. In her last project, Connecting Brain Tumour Narratives, a 10 month residency at…

Joanna Zylinska

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The Earth has entered a new geo-historical period, significantly human-influenced, called Anthropocene. Humans, acting as agents, have left (and continue leaving) their fingerprints: biospheric, geologic or climatological earth processes have been altered by them. The biodiversity and ecosystems with a wave of extinctions have been…