NICOLAS ESTRADA, blending materials, textures and stones

Sinner Inside copia

(Hidden Series: Sinner Inside, 2014. Gold, silver, pearl, opal, vegetable ivory, pigment)

Baltic copia

(Hidden Series: Baltic, 2014. Gold, silver, iron, quartz, pearl, wood, copal)

Repaired copia

(Hidden Series: Repaired, 2014. Gold, silver, iron, emerald, quartz, wood, natural fiber)


I met Nicolás Estrada about five years ago in Barcelona and, although I do not own any of his pieces since then, I have followed his work and travels. Nicolás is a Colombian jeweller living in Barcelona who blends materials, textures, concepts and stones to create thought-provoking and conceptual pieces of jewellery.

Weapons, knives, religious icons or bleeding hearts are some of the provocative motifs which are part of his work. His stunning universe has involved and, Diaphanous —a master project developed in Germany during last two years— is the result of this evolution. New shapes, sizes and textures help illustrate this evolution and as well as, the influence of his meaningful past experiences, political issues and human relationships in his new work.

Diaphanous is composed of eleven pieces divided into three series —Fragility, Delicacy and Light— in which each piece has their own story.


Words by Lula Criado (Twitter @Lula_ClotMag)



Guts 1 copia

(Delicacy Series: Guts 2, 2014. Gold, silver, quartz. 5 x 2,5 x 2,5 cm)

Kap Arkona copia

(Light Series: Kap Arkona, 2014. Silver, quartz, wood, electric components. 8,5 x 7 x 4 cm)

Spore copia

(Delicacy Series: Spore, 2014. Gold, silver, quartz.5,5 x 2,7 x 3 cm)


What is more important: to take or not to take yourself too seriously in order to be creative?

I always take myself too seriously; maybe I should try not to.


What’s your favourite time of the day?

Sunrise, everything starts again with an amazing light.


Solitude or loneliness, how do you spend your time alone?

Solitude, loneliness is a very hard and sad feeling. My time alone is usually in front of the computer, how awful.


Have you found beauty in unexpected places/situations?

I manage to find beauty almost everywhere; it is what I am always searching.


What do you want to achieve before you die?



One for the road… What are you unafraid of?



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 (All photos courtesy the artist. Photo credit: Manuel Ocaña)
28 Oct 2014