News #12 Paper: Digital and Material Worlds: An artistic view

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Last month CLOT Magazine editors gave a keynote talk at the 3rd International Conference on Biodigital Architecture & Genetics, at ESARQ (UIC Barcelona). Organized by Alberto T Estevez, the conference revolved around ideas of the Anthropocene and subsistence:  Now in this crucial moment, we have in front of us new techniques of an enormous potential: biological techniques and digital techniques. And even the fusion of both, in something that can be named Biodigital Architecture”.

The talk, Digital and Material Worlds: An artistic view, produced a paper that has been included in the book that is published annually after the conference. The publication, edited by Alberto, compiles the papers presented at Conference.


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Link to the publicationwww.3rd-International-Conference-of-Biodigital-Architecture-and-Genetics
13 Jul 2017