Charissa N. Terranova

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  Words by Patricia Bondesson Kavanagh   Dr. Charissa N. Terranova is a U.S. based writer and educator currently an Associate Professor of Aesthetic Studies at the Edith O’Donnell Institute of Art History at the University of Texas, Dallas. Throughout her career – from being…

Kristen Gallerneaux

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Words by CLOT Magazine   Media historian and artist Kristen Gallerneaux is the Curator of Communications and Information Technology at The Henry Ford Museum (Detroit, USA), where she takes care of things like computers, and also things like radios, televisions, things that have tubes and…

Ben Woodard

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During German Romanticism (the dominant intellectual movement in the philosophy, the arts, and the culture of German-speaking countries in the late-18th and early 19th centuries) there was a turn towards nature and its inspiring mysteries. For romantic literature, music, and art, Nature was a dynamic…

Johannes Klabbers

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  Words by the editorial team   Johannes Klabbers is an Australian writer and posthumanist therapist living and working in The Netherlands. This year, he served as the ‘resident therapist’ at Unsound Krákow Festival 2016 (Poland), which, to our knowledge, is world-first for a festival….

Simon Park

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  Words by Ana Sancho   Dr Simon Park, a bacteriologist by training, creates artistic works using the natural creativity of these powerful microorganisms. Park, a senior lecturer in Molecular Biology at University of Surrey, whose interest in microbiology dates back to the science fiction novel…

Thinking Across Hemispheres

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­­­ Words by Amy Holt Cline   Being human is both complicated and wonderful for all the hidden and obvious reasons one can imagine. Being a creator and thinking creatively could be described the exact same way. We now know that when creating in any discipline,…

Jens Hauser

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Art produced by the intersection with science, technology and new media arises from philosophical reflections and specific scientific research. But more importantly, the epistemiological framework in which lies is vital. Jens Hauser is an art curator and media studies scholar focusing on the interactions between…

Martin J. Kemp

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Art and science, what we conceive as two completely separated disciplines, were intimately intrincate centuries ago, during the Renaissance for instance, exemplified in figures like Leonardo da Vinci. With the enlightenment one negated the other, they become apart since until a some decades ago when…