Ali Schachtschneider

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Words by Diana Cano Bordajandi   New York designer, artist and researcher Ali Schachtschneider is reinventing today’s fashion using biotechnology. As a resident artist and design experimenter at Genspace, the world’s first community lab supporting citizen access to biotechnology, her work is focused on bio-design….

Ferran Adrià

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Words by Meritxell Rosell (Twitter @dancingmoog)   “From time to time, Catalan good sense closes its eyes dnd lets things be”i Nicolau M. Rubió i Tudurí (Prologue to Viatges d’Alí Bei, 1932)   There is a very particular set of characteristics of Catalan people, what…

Ginkgo Bioworks

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Words by Ana Sancho   Synthetic biology is believed to be one of our best chances to address some of the global issues of an expanding world population such as fuel and food. For those not familiar with the field, synthetic biology combines biology and…

Laia Mogas (DumoLab*)

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Words by Sebastian Kamau (Twitter @ws_kamau)   Architect and Bio-practitioner Laia Mogas-Soldevila is at the forefront of developing tools that incorporate biology into the fabrication process. Her research studio, DumoLab*, a collaborative effort with Jorge Duró, uses and develops tools for studying structure and process…